30-Year-old kulmbacher lets the fist talk

30-year-old kulmbacher lets the fist talk

A 30-year-old man from kulmbach has been sentenced to eight months on probation for repeatedly throwing punches and assaulting a police officer. After questioning about a dozen witnesses, judge sieglinde tettmann found that the construction worker had committed the acts described in the indictment.

The verdict of guilty was for several counts of assault and battery in combination with assault on a law enforcement officer. The 30-year-old had two charges against him at the same time. In the first case, he was allegedly arrested on 30. May of last year shortly after two o’clock in the night in front of the doner store in the upper city a 22-year-old with a belt completely abruptly have knocked down. When the police arrived, there was a scuffle with the defendant, in the course of which a police officer was slightly injured. A blood sample taken at the hospital later revealed a level of 1.92 per mill.

The second charge related to an incident in the entrance area of the dance center in schwingen. Only a few months after the incident in the upper city, the defendant also allegedly hit another man in the face with his fist so violently that the man suffered a bleeding laceration to the eye.

Bleeding nose

But that’s not all: according to the indictment, he also punched a young woman in the face with his fist. She also suffered a bleeding nose and severe pain. The charge was dangerous bodily injury as well as intentional bodily injury in several cases. In his testimony, the 30-year-old admitted only a part of the charges. "I slapped him, that’s right", he said about the incident in the upper town.

However, he "definitely did not" have a belt used, however, he was already drunk. The reason for the beating was that the 22-year-old had already been stinking at him and had insulted him in the worst way.

However, he could not remember a subsequent confrontation with a policeman. He only remembers that he was handcuffed and taken to the police station.

The 30-year-old completely denied the second charge. He never hit anyone. There was a scuffle, but he was not guilty of anything in the process.

Quite different the victim in the case of the upper city: he had just wanted to get a doner, then he got a fist blow from behind, said the 22-year-old, who was brought forward from custody in the correctional facility ebrach. A belt was definitely involved in the case. For him, however, the job was over quickly, and the pain was gone "after just one or two hours and that’s why he didn’t file a report.

"That was no accident

The police officer involved also incriminated the defendant: he had formally run into him and raised his fist twice. Where exactly his light injuries, bruises and redness in the face, came from, the officer could no longer say. "It wasn’t an accident, it was an attack", said the policeman.

He also recalled another incident shortly afterwards: during a blood sample at the hospital, the defendant had "very rudely and at a very low level" insulted the doctor on duty. The other police officers who were on site in the upper city at the time also unanimously reported a rather heated atmosphere that was increasingly directed against the police.

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