The zeiler cinema became a concert hall

the zeiler cinema became a concert hall

One could hear it, the cinema. Already at the corner of the upper and lower scheuerngasse in zeil. On friday evening there was obviously no movie, but music in the cinema, the capitol theater. Loud music. Shortly after eight, the beat was the band "rising end to hear. The drummer wesley morton hit the stage with "this is desperation" full into his drums. And that was just the beginning.

The six-piece band "rising end" know each other from school, three of them are already studying and training, three are currently studying for their degree. Once a week they meet to create their own works mostly in alternative hardrock/metal style. They perform about twice a month, "wherever you can play in wurzburg", declared singer sophie barei. From the pub to the wurzburger hafensommer to the umsonst& drauben festival.

Sales hall caught fire in eltingshausen

Sales hall caught fire in eltingshausen

At about 12 noon on 31. October the fire brigade was alerted after a resident reported rising smoke from the building next door to the FC. A few minutes later, the forces were on site. Commander thorsten schlotter led the operation. Auben’s firefighters first damped down the smoke before respirators entered the hall to bring the smoldering fire under control. After the thermal imaging camera did not detect any more embers, the all-clear was given.

Destroyed were all the interior furnishings, including shelves and tables, as well as the wooden ceiling and probably also the metal roofing. Gerhard fischer of the FC board of directors was not yet able to say how much damage was done. On the spot was also the police. The cause is currently suspected to be a technical defect, possibly in the refrigerator, after doors and windows were locked.

Pirates meet to prepare for election

Pirates meet to prepare for election

Because of their limited experience with parliamentary work, around 140 members from all over germany played out at a meeting in essen on saturday what could be in store for a pirate faction in the bundestag. It wasn’t about positions on content, but about practical issues such as the integration and payment of academic staff, transparency between the parliamentary group, the party and the public, or the way opinions are formed. All results are made public on the internet via the so-called "pirate pad.

Pollsters note a loss of significance for the party. "We are currently registering a significant decline for the pirate party in our polls," the head of the elections research group, matthias jung, told the berlin newspaper "tagesspiegel" (saturday). The success of the pirate party is based primarily on protest and the character of the new party. The core electorate is around three percent.

Rally driver ogier crowns vw comeback year with wm title

Rally driver ogier crowns vw comeback year with wm title

Sebastien ogier became the new world champion right at the start of his home rally and made VW’s triumphant return to the world rally championship a perfect one.

Three weeks ago, on the other side of the world in australia, he was just one point short of an early triumph, but the 29-year-old scored the decisive winner with his third place on the power stage of the france-elsass rally.

Bayer plans to cut 12.000 jobs worldwide

Bayer plans to cut 12.000 jobs worldwide

Bayer, the pharmaceutical and agricultural chemicals group based in leverkusen, germany, plans to cut more than one in ten jobs worldwide. A total of around 12 jobs are to be cut by the end of 2021.000 of the 118.200 jobs to be cut.

A "significant portion" of the job cuts will take place in germany, the company announced. Exact figures for germany were not disclosed. The employees’ side agrees with the "deep cuts", but points to commitments for employees and sites for the next few years.

Defeat for kirchner government in argentina election

defeat for kirchner government in argentina election

The governing coalition frente para la victoria (FPV – front for victory) came in at 33.2 percent nationally on sunday, after receiving 97 percent of the votes cast, and suffered significant losses in the capital buenos aires and key provinces. Two years ago, the head of state received 54.1 percent of the vote in her re-election campaign.

The result blocks kirchner’s path to re-election in 2015. To push through a constitutional reform that would allow a third consecutive term, she needed a two-thirds majority in parliament. However, the government will only have a slim majority in congress in the future.

Experiencing democracy: real school students go to the polls

In 2020 the next local elections are coming up, for 2021 the next federal election is announced. Education in democracy and the exercise of the right to vote and stand for election have therefore been very important at the realschule kitzingen in recent weeks, as stated in a press release from the school.

The class 10c had prepared the election of the school representatives and the liaison teachers in the form of a project. On election day, all students went to the ballot box and voted under democratic conditions in a free, equal, secret and direct election for their three school representatives and the two liaison teachers. In the run-up to the election, a one-week presentation of the candidates took place in the auditorium during the breaks. On the day of the election all were informed about their right to vote as well as the voting principles with a short video. They also received input on why there must be representatives in a community and that they are the main feature of a parliamentary democracy. In the polling station, the students were able to get a taste of the real election atmosphere, there were self-built voting booths and ballot boxes, ballots were handed out by the election team and an electoral register provided information about the legitimacy of voting. The SMV election was organized in a social studies project by class 10c under the direction of student councilor maria heinrich. In the meantime, the elected representatives have arrived in office and represent the interests of all students of the secondary school in kitzingen.

Bayern-frust statt wiesn-lust:hoeneb stands by coach kovac

Bayern-frust statt wiesn-lust:hoeneb stands by coach kovac

When toasting with karl-heinz rummenigge, niko kovac only briefly smiled. The trainer couldn’t hide his frustration a bit during the traditional oktoberfest visit of the FC bavaria.

Even the stars found it difficult to look friendly into the cameras at the "krisen-wiesn", dressed in traditional costumes and holding the mug in their hands. The humiliating 0:3 (0:2) against borussia monchengladbach and the fall from the champions league ranks had already caused a powerful hangover before the first prosit. At least kovac was able to enjoy a clear declaration of belief from president uli hoeneb.

Employment agency defends savings tips for hartz-iv recipients

employment agency defends savings tips for hartz-iv recipients

"These are tips that can also be found in many newspapers and magazines," said a BA spokeswoman on thursday. In addition, the booklet is for the most part a helpful guide for the authorities. Previously, the "bild" newspaper had reported on the brochure. In the social networks facebook and twitter it was discussed and criticized partly violently.

The brochure published in the pinneberg district near hamburg tells the story of the fictitious four-headed fischer family in comics. Father knut has to apply for unemployment benefit II, and together with his wife and children he decides, for example, to do without meat. "I want to become a vegetarian anyway," daughter lara is quoted as saying – she is "in the best of moods". A little later, the family sells eleven-year-old furniture on the internet. "Madness!"Father knut roars as a cupboard walks away. Son ben explains that sales from the household goods were not counted – unlike paintings or jewelry.

Criticism of “herd behavior” in the corona crisis

Criticism of 'herd behavior' in the corona crisis

The economist marcel fratzscher considers widespread "herd behavior" to be one of the greatest dangers in the current corona crisis.

"That’s my rough worry: this panic, this herd behavior of financial investors," the head of the berlin DIW told the "passauer neue presse" (saturday). "There’s something like that with companies and consumers, too. This is partly very irrational."In the worst case this could trigger a downward spiral.