When kermit and pirate jack sparrow make music

The carnival concert in the herz-jesu-stadtpfarrkirche with trombone and organ, which has almost become a tradition, has apparently become a little secret, because the church was extremely well attended. Roman riedel on the trombone and burkhard ascherl on the schuke organ delighted the audience again this year with a cheerful carnival concert.

The guests were welcomed with the triumphant march from giuseppe verdi’s opera "aida" festively buried; at the subsequent "chorus of the prisoners from "nabucco it came again somewhat to the rest. Afterwards ascherl alias gioacchino rossini loved a brilliant version of the overture to "wilhelm tell" for organ solo sound. If opera is often associated with italy, the operetta genre immediately brings austria/hungary to mind.

Bvb show of strength against maradona’s heirs – s04 win by obligation

Bvb show of strength against maradona's heirs - s04 win by obligation

Heiber tanz am vesuv for borussia dortmund, victory as a duty for the professionals of FC schalke 04 against steaua bukarest. Both german soccer clubs are not lacking in self-confidence ahead of their opening games in the champions league on wednesday:

BVB travels to italy as bundesliga leaders, while schalke enters the match against the romanian champions with a high level of confidence after three compulsory victories in a row. Before the performance in the witch’s cauldron in naples, jurgen klopp lived up to his reputation as a motivational artist. To get his pros in the mood, the dortmund coach reminded them of old, glorious signs – the opponent’s. "The coach reminded us that maradona played here. It is therefore an honor for us to compete in this stadium," enthused midfielder nuri sahin.

Sad art of laughter

Sad art of laughter

Coburg – sam and jonathan are two hapless and somewhat grief-stricken representatives for joke articles. As traveling salesmen, they are on an important mission: they want to help have spab. This is what swedish director roy andersson tells us in "a dove sits on a branch and thinks about life". The strip can be seen as VHS film of the week today and tomorrow at utopolis (20.3 p.M.).
Since the world is full of substitutions and a strangely lonely affair, sam and jonathan have specialized in the classics among the curiosities: vampire tooth, laughing bag and a grotesque monster mask. Because selling is a grassy business, sam and jonathan often find it difficult to get the goods to the people with the necessary momentum.
Because spreading joy in an otherwise pale world is difficult. But they have to sell the spab, because the kabbelnde seller duo is terribly broke. With a drink on their face and a bag of laughs in their spare tire case, they go on a fantastic journey through the rooms of history and find themselves in dreamy memories – of conies in love, exchanged kisses and happy cooing doves.
The winner of the golden lowen of venice sends the spectators on a marvelous journey through the human and the all-too-human. – running time: 100 minutes.

Lause: according to stiftung warentest, only half of all lause remedies are suitable

As a rule, special remedies are used against head lice, for example from pharmacies. But what dead the plague spirits reliable? In a study for the magazine "test," the stiftung warentest found that (issue 9/2018) only half of the louses are convincing:six out of twelve products are considered "suitable" by the testers or "also suitable". The six other products are recommended by the testers only with restrictions or not at all.

The best remedies for lause contain dimeticone

The three best lice remedies contain a synthetic oil called dimeticone, which suffocates the louse: the products "dimet 20", "etopril" and "jacutin pedicul fluid" the testers find "suitable, to fight lause.

Asparagus cultivation: losses kept within limits

Asparagus cultivation: losses kept within limits

"For one or two days we had a lower quality of the asparagus tips because of the cold", hirschaid grower hans ott recalls. But they have actually become accustomed to this, because "there is always something wrong with asparagus". Nevertheless, it has not often happened that since the beds were covered with foil, the root vegetables have suffered from the cool nights. About one-third to one-half of a day’s harvest was lost because of this.

After that, however, the sales were all the better and now everything is, so to speak, in the best of butter again. "Demand is not slowing down, says hans ott. By season’s end, he expects average harvest, maybe a little less. How much it will be? He cannot say that yet. But the decline in acreage in the bamberg region also plays a role here. Especially the owners of smaller plots often stopped growing asparagus with the change of generations – the next generation is working, has less time, and the asparagus "requires a lot of work". The coarse market also prefers coarser suppliers and has problems with many small ones. "Direct marketing only works as long as the parents are still doing it", woman of the hirschaider asparagus farmer.

Frankish wine is to ripen on the zugspitze

Frankish wine is to ripen on the zugspitze

Experimental and innovative is the group of winegrowers "the french" started the new year. Because the french winegrowers are celebrating "100 years of muller-thurgau in franken" this year to celebrate, the group came up with something very special.
Last fall, they brought a top wine of the muller-thurgau variety into their cellars. This wine will be released on 20. Marz in a wooden barrel made of french oak on a journey to the mountains. On germany’s highest mountain, the zugspitze, the wine should ripen. The idea was born – how could it be otherwise – while skiing.
When the barrel was filled on thursday at the moblein winery in zeilitzheim, franconia’s wine queen melanie dietrich was thrilled: "when the wine barrel arrives at the zugspitze, it means pure fascination for me". The barrel with the noble french content will spend 100 days at 2,962 meters above sea level. There, the grape juice with 95 degrees oechsle is to experience a special maturing process before it is brought back home again.
The spokesman for the winegrowers’ association, martin moblein, recalled that with the "zugspitzenwein" they had found a reliable partner for the project breaking new ground. The winegrowers are not yet quite sure what will happen to the wine in this high season. "On the occasion of the anniversary, we wanted to try something completely new with the muller-thurgau variety", he explained. "For the jubilee, we harvested fully ripe grapes last year and thus created the basis for a top-class wine."

Fugitive flavors
the enjoyment of wine at a height of 3,000 meters is different from that in the wine-growing region of franconia at an altitude of about 200 meters. The fluency of the aromatic substances is completely different, the entire taste picture is different. "It stands to reason that the wine will also behave differently when it matures. The air pressure will certainly have a major influence on the ripening process", said moblein. His assumption: the self-clarification of the wine and its further development will take place much more slowly. The decomposition of the yeast will be a different one.
In the wine cellar of his winery, parallel to the "zugspitze wine" is being made a barrique barrel with the same muller-thurgau will remain for the sensory comparison.
Winegrowers’ president artur steinmann called the winemakers’ association’s advance a great idea. "Muller thurgau comes out of the trough and gets horizon", according to steinmann.
When on 20. March, when the barrel of muller-thurgau is brought up the mountain on the zugspitzbahn, wine queen melanie wants to be there, too. With the bavarian zugspitzbahn, the winegrowers from "der franke" have a reliable partner found for the implementation of the project. "I am curious to see what awaits us later and how the wine develops in this high", said the wine sovereign.