Criticism of “herd behavior” in the corona crisis

Criticism of 'herd behavior' in the corona crisis

The economist marcel fratzscher considers widespread "herd behavior" to be one of the greatest dangers in the current corona crisis.

"That’s my rough worry: this panic, this herd behavior of financial investors," the head of the berlin DIW told the "passauer neue presse" (saturday). "There’s something like that with companies and consumers, too. This is partly very irrational."In the worst case this could trigger a downward spiral.

U.s. President trump simply orders corona aids

u.s. president trump simply orders corona aids

More money for the unemployed, fewer evictions of defaulting tenants and lower social security taxes: these parts of a corona stimulus package were ordered by U.S. President trump’s executive order, a day after negotiations over them broke down in the U.S. Congress.

It was almost certain, however, that there would soon be lawsuits against trump’s political go-it-alone. According to critics, some of his decisions are based on very thin ice, because all measures requiring new funding require the approval of the U.S. Congress. But there, donald trump’s republicans were dependent on a compromise with the democrats. Trump now wants to get around the problem by simply repurposing existing funds, some from previous stimulus packages. "We have a lot of money that hasn’t been spent yet," trump says. It was not immediately clear, however, how much the measures announced by trump would cost and whether sufficient funds would actually be available.

The rough mulling was cancelled this year

The rough mulling was cancelled this year

For almost 25 years, the association "for citizens and the environment" has been leading the "clean landscape" campaign – better known as "rama dama – through. This year, too, such an event was planned for the beginning of april, but it could not be carried out due to the corona pandemic. In order to clean at least some areas of the mull, friedhelm dittmar, a member of the association, has cleaned various areas (commuter parking lot, stretch of road from mabbach to the landscape lake) of the mull with great personal effort and the help of his wife. Here the mull still held itself in borders, however there was in the range new building yard so much mull that alone there a passenger car trailer full mull accumulated. Because both the recycling centers and the landfill site in wirmsthal are currently closed to private individuals, no further mull can be collected because it could not be disposed of. As far as possible, the garbage collected so far will be disposed of with the household garbage. The remaining mull is stored for now.