Memories: those were our 80s

Memories: those were our 80s

When it tastes like erich

By annett ludeke

Childhood memories often have to do with smells and tastes. And since my childhood in the 80s took place in the GDR, these are sometimes unusual from today’s point of view and sometimes also very rare tastes. Fortunately my mother keeps these memories alive from time to time and prepares for me for example a solyanka according to the "traditional" recipe recipe to. Where with the tradition is such a thing. Probably every family had its own ideas about how a solyanka should taste and which ingredients were indispensable.

Samaras: greece does not need new aid

Samaras: greece does not need new aid

This is what greek prime minister antonis samaras promised in his new year’s address, which was broadcast on monday evening on television. Athens was also able to return to the markets.

However, the "troika" of the EU commission, the international monetary fund (IMF) and the european central bank (ECB) had to give the green light for each of these steps. She returns to athens in january to finish her current exam. Up to now, there had been talk on the quiet about a further financial requirement of more than 10 billion euros from 2015 to 2018.

Bamberg firmly in the hands of magic

"When I first came to bamberg four years ago, I thought, oh god, what have you gotten yourself into?", christian lavey recalls. But the queasy feeling quickly disappeared, he was well received in the cathedral city and soon felt very much at home. The idea of "bamberg conjures" was the most to join in, the luxemburger came via internet. Here he read about the festival in a call for artists and applied without further ado. Now he is coming to bamberg for the fourth time. "I’m really looking forward to it again", the street magician assures. "The old town with its historic buildings is something very special, and i have made many friends here over the years."

But christian lavey also gives the festival itself good marks. "The bamberger are a great audience and also the organization of the magic spectacle is excellent", he swarmed. The artist is particularly taken with the rough visitor response. He knows of hardly any other strabenfestival where so many people gather around the artists. "The city is packed on the three days. Even before you have unpacked your things, hundreds of people are already standing around you. Simply great!" and christian lavey knows what he’s talking about. Because he does about 100 shows a year, many of them in germany, france and belgium. And after that he even goes to america for a five day gig.

“Young beats” convince with advent flair

The instruments are tuned one last time until everything is just right. Then it can start, the christmas concert of "young beats" in the peace church in bad bruckenau. Together with their singing and instrumental teacher christian hirschler, the young talents have prepared a colorful program. Like every year, a journey through the current charts awaits the visitors, because the young people choose the songs they present themselves.

Xenia heidelmeier confidently leads the audience through the evening. First of all she announces some solo singers, who impressively demonstrate their skills. The youngsters perform their favorite songs, from "pink" to until "linkin park everything is there.

Will the brewery emerge from the crisis??

The image is more than tarnished. "I won’t go there anymore. There are a lot of things wrong", even many people from neudrossenfeld, who are not happy with brauwerck AG, which operates the guesthouse and brewery opened in 2013 on the holzel site, which has been renovated to the tune of more than eight million euros, are saying the following. Limited opening hours, service that needs improvement, no acceptable price-performance ratio – the points of criticism are many, but most agree: it would be a pity if the brauwerck, which has an appealing restaurant with a hall and a wonderful beer garden with a view of the rotmain valley, no longer existed.

The worry is raw

The worry about the future is rough with many shareholders, because the AG does not get out of the skewed situation. There have always been new ideas, but no board of management has yet put the stock corporation on the road to success. Neither the late rainer schimpf, nor michael kaim, nor dieter bauernfeind, who heads the stock corporation today and under whom the annual deficit could at least be reduced: hundreds of thousands of losses have been made to date, and those responsible and with them the shareholders can only dream of a black zero.

Eu commission takes action against german toll on cars

eu commission takes action against german toll on cars

The EU commission takes legal action against the car toll, which is also controversial in germany.

This was reported by the "welt" newspaper, quoting high-ranking commission officials in today’s edition as saying: "we will initiate infringement proceedings against germany for the car toll because it discriminates against foreign drivers and thus violates eu law."

Ezb promises low interest rates for longer period

Ezb promises low interest rates for longer period

"The governing council expects the ECB’s interest rates to remain at or below current levels for a prolonged period of time," the president of the european central bank (ECB), mario draghi, said in frankfurt on thursday. This decision was taken unanimously.

Central bankers had intensively discussed a further reduction of the key interest rate, draghi said. First, however, the most important interest rate for central bank money in the euro area remains at the record low of 0.5 percent.

University campus: ob speaks plainly

university campus: ob speaks plainly

Mayor ingo lehmann (SPD) is pleased that discussions are taking place in kulmbach ("much more than in the past"). But sometimes there were "wild discussions", partly sparked by CSU and WGK. That’s why he wants to straighten things out, said lehmann on saturday at the SPD local association meeting with corona distance rules in the town hall.

"We are all proud of you and keep our fingers crossed that you drive kulmbach into a good future", explained SPD member of the state parliament inge aues. And the crowd buried the new mayor with applause at the first meeting after the election victory in march.

Munnerstadt: now the sports center is in the spotlight

Ideally, in september 2021, not only will the refurbished multipurpose hall be inaugurated, but also a redesigned tribune, gentler pitches and – in the absolute ideal case – a new tartan track. At their meeting on monday, the members of the building and environment committee instructed the administration to explore the possibilities. He deliberately did not want to have it planned by an architectural firm, said mayor michael kastl (CSU). "After all, it’s not witchcraft, he says.

At the meeting of the main and finance committee a week earlier, the city councillors had looked at the hall, and in the process the surrounding area had also been discussed. Because at the moment only the multipurpose hall is being renovated. Although the entrance area to the hall from the sports field was subsequently included, the actual tribune is unaffected by the renovation work. The same applies to the pitches and, above all, the tartan track, which is now very uneven in places. The TSV had originally wanted it to be renovated. Now the hall is being renovated, but not the tartan track.

Animal welfare association has a hole in the donation pot

animal welfare association has a hole in the donation pot

Where does the shoe print in animal welfare, womogly financially? This is what we wanted to know from the chairman of the association, wolfgang hain. Mr. Hain, compared to last year, the animal welfare association is lacking donations, as it is said. How much is the total? Wolfgang hain: according to our treasurer hans beyer we are at this point about 10000 euro below the previous year’s level. 2018 went well in terms of donations. Have donors disappeared?? Or what is the reason for the decline?? It’s not that easy to say, there are several things that play into it. Sometimes a larger donation is missing, then it is a few thousand euros. We were lucky to get a couple of really rough grants last year. But we are not that well positioned every year. Is there then every year a shortfall? The past years always ended with an economic loss. What is the balance? What are the revenues and expenditures made up of?? We calculated average values. As a result, our expenses per year amount to about 160000 euro for the maintenance of the shelter and shelter operations – of which about 30000 euro are for veterinary costs alone. That is a big lump. We generate constant income from our membership fees of 16,000 euros, animal donations and sponsorships of 20,000 euros, events such as the animal shelter festival of 15,000 euros, and the same amount from current donations. In addition, there are 35000 euros from the lost and found animal tax. These come from the municipalities, because animal welfare is a municipal duty. Exactly. Every municipality is responsible under the animal welfare act to take care of found animals. This task has been delegated finally for the city and the district of kulmbach bundled to the animal protection association, in return we get from each community per inhabitant and year 50 cent. This is how the 35,000 euros in question come together.

Is that enough?