Bayer plans to cut 12.000 jobs worldwide

Bayer plans to cut 12.000 jobs worldwide

Bayer, the pharmaceutical and agricultural chemicals group based in leverkusen, germany, plans to cut more than one in ten jobs worldwide. A total of around 12 jobs are to be cut by the end of 2021.000 of the 118.200 jobs to be cut.

A "significant portion" of the job cuts will take place in germany, the company announced. Exact figures for germany were not disclosed. The employees’ side agrees with the "deep cuts", but points to commitments for employees and sites for the next few years.

Bad bruckenau becomes a health city

Bad bruckenau becomes a health city

Basically, no special event is needed to declare bad bruckenau a health city. Because what does the spa town stand for more than recreation, wellness and everything that is good for your health??

Every two years, the city organizes the "healthy city" event in cooperation with the forum trotzdem. In 2011, there were around 140 campaigns at 52 locations – a quite remarkable result for bad bruckenau. This year, too, there will be a lot to offer in the field of health. The focus is on the motto "active against cancer".

Even without low: dfb team fulfills its duty in russia

even without low: dfb team fulfills its duty in russia

Even without joachim low, the german national soccer team booked the compulsory victory in weibrussia.

Substitute head coach marcus sorg was able to keep up with the goals scored by new success guarantor leroy sane (12) in the 2-0 (1-0) win in borissov in the european championship qualifiers. Minute) and by marco reus (62.) cheer. Part one of the six-point mission of national coach low, who missed a national match for the first time in his 15 years with the DFB for health reasons, has thus been fulfilled. The result, meanwhile, had about 12.000 spectators, including sane’s header at the post (83.) could have been much higher.

Kuno ruttiger from oberbach collects data

Kuno ruttiger from oberbach collects data

It’s cold in the rhon, but kuno ruttiger doesn’t need gloves. "When you’ve been in the woods for so long, you’re used to it", says maria ruttiger about her husband. He himself stands at the electronic precipitation scale. A look inside the rough metal hopper shows that hardly any snow has fallen yet.

Every tuesday kuno ruttiger sets off for the forest climate station in bad bruckenau. His wife often accompanies him. A narrow road leads up the mountains from oberbach. The morning sun floods through the trees, some deer take flight. At some point, the asphalt becomes a bumpy gravel road. At the rhonklub-hut oberbach ruttiger turns sharply to the left, to kellerstein. To the right is the feuerberg, to the left the gebirgsstein. Finally the two reach the top of the kellerstein.

“For life chances of all enter”

On sunday, the city of herzogenaurach celebrated the feast day of its patron saint, st. Sebastian, with a mass in the city’s parish church and a procession through town.
Town priest helmut hetzel celebrated, supported by prof. Elmar klinger, chaplain sebastian schiller as well as father moison michael MSFS and 13 altar boys, the service. The service was accompanied musically by an oboe as well as the organ.
In his sermon, hetzel referred to the life of st. Sebastian, who set a good example with his life. He knew that he was protected and strengthened by god and could therefore confess his faith before the roman emperor diocletian. For this he was shot with arrows as a military officer during the persecution of christians. Sebastian survived this punishment, was nursed back to health and appeared before the emperor again. "His appearance infected other people to stand up against the regime!", according to the parish priest. 77 years ago, people in herzogenaurach also stood up against a regime of injustice.

Against shouters and populists

in the present time it is necessary to stand up against the screamers and populists, today’s pestilence that poisons the society. "Our world today needs christians who stand up for life opportunities for all, regardless of origin and religion!" the christians could not hide behind walls and be satisfied with piety.
The sebastiani procession should be a sign to bring the light of humanity and justice against populist slogans into the world and to stand up for the true godliness in the world. With the invitation: "when you take a candle with you, think: what do I want to be light for?!", city priest hetzel ended his sermon.
After the mass the candlelight procession moved through the town. This took her way from the church square over the stone way, through the reytherstrabe, the main street and the market place back to the church square. Flanked by candles and flags, the cross carried by hans kolb led the procession, followed by delegations of the kolping family and the KAB.
The volunteer fire department of herzogenaurach accompanied the holy of holies and the statue of saint sebastian, which was carried by members of the kolping family. Representatives of the pastoral district council, the church administration and the city, as well as believers, joined in the commemoration. The procession was accompanied by prayer leaders and the organ of the parish church through loudspeakers. Following the meb celebration, the faithful took part in a eucharistic devotion in the city’s parish church.