The zeiler cinema became a concert hall

the zeiler cinema became a concert hall

One could hear it, the cinema. Already at the corner of the upper and lower scheuerngasse in zeil. On friday evening there was obviously no movie, but music in the cinema, the capitol theater. Loud music. Shortly after eight, the beat was the band "rising end to hear. The drummer wesley morton hit the stage with "this is desperation" full into his drums. And that was just the beginning.

The six-piece band "rising end" know each other from school, three of them are already studying and training, three are currently studying for their degree. Once a week they meet to create their own works mostly in alternative hardrock/metal style. They perform about twice a month, "wherever you can play in wurzburg", declared singer sophie barei. From the pub to the wurzburger hafensommer to the umsonst& drauben festival.

Wolfgang heubisch visits fdp politicians in coburg

Wolfgang heubisch visits fdp politicians in coburg

Wolfgang heubisch was invited by the coburg FDP to the "munchner hofbrau" inn come to coburg. As he emphasized, equal opportunities in the city and the country must be preserved and demanded. He himself lives in munich, and this metropolis is growing by up to 25,000 inhabitants every year. This could not be good in the long run, heubisch said. Here, problems arose in the supply of housing and in the area of mobility. Heubisch saw the human being as a multifaceted individual and called for greater reliance on the creativity of the individual. In doing so, he supports alibaba founder jack ma (originally called ma yun) in his stance. As heubisch emphasized, the latter called for people to be challenged in very different areas. Art, digital education, general education for children, culture, music, theater are also part of it, because these are elements of creativity and they had to be brought out. With such demand decreases one increases the self-confidence of the young people straight in the rural area.

"I keep hearing that schools in the rural area are easier to work with than those in the city. Let’s make something out of it!", stressed the former state minister for science, research and the arts. Heubisch said that germany and bavaria were at the bottom of the digital league table. "We are simply lousy at federal government. 50 MB is nothing!", he underlined. In the european mabstab, there are 32 countries that can be compared digitally with each other. Germany ranks 28th. Heubisch saw the fact that there was hardly any competition in the digital sector as a major sticking point. Telekom almost still a monopoly. "We need competition in these things!", demanded heubisch. It is unacceptable that effective digital provision and use cannot be guaranteed in rural areas with a small population. If you want to strengthen the countryside, you have to be very active here and make it attractive for companies to move to this area. As long as an architect, for example, is not top-networked and has to work with inadequate digitalization, he will not come to the rural area. If necessary, the bavarian state must quickly become active here.

Music clubs in the coburg district: “we won’t let it get us down”

Music clubs in the coburg district:

This is not how alexander schunk had imagined his first year as chairman of the robfelder musikanten club. "Super start, he says, frustrated, but emphasizes that he and his musicians will not let it get them down. After all, the music group has been allowed to rehearse again for a few months after a quarter of a year"s forced break due to corona. But there are hardly any public appearances, apart from a birthday stand here or a spa concert there.

The year had started so well. The robfeld musicians were busy rehearsing for the easter concert in april, and planning for other concerts and performances had also begun to take shape. In the middle of march the musicians had traveled to erfurt for a rehearsal weekend. But at this point, schunk already had a sinking feeling, which was confirmed by the subsequent lockdown. All concerts and events canceled, no rehearsals, contact restrictions – the full program.

The church dance is done by the youngest ones

The children all gathered around the kerwa tree, and then it was on. Shortly after a quarter past five in the afternoon the sounds of the hedge musicians sounded. Gracefully and concentrated marched in to the music twelve pairs of children. The young dancers ranged in age from three to ten and were very cute to look at with their hiking gear.

Partly with the support of the "old" kerwa-boys and the heckenmusikanten, partly even without help the children trallerten both old and new kerwa songs. Many of the small local boys struggled with the rounds, but were kept energetically on track by their madels. Even when carrying the little tree, the more rude kerwa boys had to take hold of the little ones, but all in all everything went smoothly.

The buchbrunn crown changes ownership

The buchbrunn crown changes ownership

"Maggie was the billboard of buchbrunn". With these words, hannes kristmann, as chairman of TSV buchbrunn, summed up margarethe fischer’s two-year term of office. Always smiling, she had always spread good humor.

The two wine festivals, including the jubilee wine festival in the previous year as the 20th anniversary of the ovp, certainly remain the high point of the two years in office. Buchbrunn grape wine festival. With margarethe, buchbrunn has become known far beyond its borders. After sabine friederich, elisabeth fischer, marie-sabin haab and katharina geibendorfer, margarethe fischer had also been extremely successful in promoting buchbrunn, according to hofrat walter vierrether.
Margarethe fischer was always present in her parents’ vineyard from childhood on, but at that time she was more interested in the marienkafer who lived there. Only with the years grew the love for the horses and the grapes.

Wellness massages: gentle touching with oil and stone

wellness massages: gentle touching with oil and stone

Classic massage techniques

there should be a gentle stroking massage at the beginning and end of each massage. It invigorates and tunes muscles and skin for the upcoming ritual. At the end the soft muscles are relaxed by the stroking and the rest of the oil can soak in better.

In the kneading massage, individual parts of the body are kneaded like a dough, either vigorously or gently. It loosens calf, thigh and tight back muscles. Friction massage, on the other hand, also reaches deeper blood vessels and lymphatic pathways through circular movements and gentle pressure using the wrist, fingers or the hand squeeze. But beyond these classic forms, there is much more to it than that.

When kermit and pirate jack sparrow make music

The carnival concert in the herz-jesu-stadtpfarrkirche with trombone and organ, which has almost become a tradition, has apparently become a little secret, because the church was extremely well attended. Roman riedel on the trombone and burkhard ascherl on the schuke organ delighted the audience again this year with a cheerful carnival concert.

The guests were welcomed with the triumphant march from giuseppe verdi’s opera "aida" festively buried; at the subsequent "chorus of the prisoners from "nabucco it came again somewhat to the rest. Afterwards ascherl alias gioacchino rossini loved a brilliant version of the overture to "wilhelm tell" for organ solo sound. If opera is often associated with italy, the operetta genre immediately brings austria/hungary to mind.