Experiencing democracy: real school students go to the polls

In 2020 the next local elections are coming up, for 2021 the next federal election is announced. Education in democracy and the exercise of the right to vote and stand for election have therefore been very important at the realschule kitzingen in recent weeks, as stated in a press release from the school.

The class 10c had prepared the election of the school representatives and the liaison teachers in the form of a project. On election day, all students went to the ballot box and voted under democratic conditions in a free, equal, secret and direct election for their three school representatives and the two liaison teachers. In the run-up to the election, a one-week presentation of the candidates took place in the auditorium during the breaks. On the day of the election all were informed about their right to vote as well as the voting principles with a short video. They also received input on why there must be representatives in a community and that they are the main feature of a parliamentary democracy. In the polling station, the students were able to get a taste of the real election atmosphere, there were self-built voting booths and ballot boxes, ballots were handed out by the election team and an electoral register provided information about the legitimacy of voting. The SMV election was organized in a social studies project by class 10c under the direction of student councilor maria heinrich. In the meantime, the elected representatives have arrived in office and represent the interests of all students of the secondary school in kitzingen.

New parking lot at the vocational school

At the habfurt vocational school in the langer rain area, the habfurt building committee approved a compensation measure. A parking lot for 21 cars was built here. These are no longer needed on the land at zeppelinstrabe. Two containers will be erected on a parking lot near the fachakademie fur sozialpadagogik to alleviate the space shortage.

Other topics, such as the multi-million dollar new boiler house at the habfurt building of the habberge hospitals, also occupied the building committee in its meeting on tuesday. In the boiler house steam is produced, which is necessary for the sterilization of surgical equipment. The government of lower franconia recently announced that the project will be financed with almost 100 percent subsidies: 1.08 million euros will go to the project, which will be housed in the basement of the hospital.

For the tree of the year, weismain elementary school students lent a helping hand

For the tree of the year, weismain elementary school students lent a helping hand

The planting of the tree of the year almost literally fell in the water. But in the end, the weather gods were kind to an event that was to be held for the 25th time this year. The first time was carried out by the abt knauer elementary school.

Behind the elementary school, along the walking path on the heinrichshohe, the children have been planting the tree of the year for the past 25 years. For the walkers has already formed a small avenue. However, michael strohmer, the district advisor for nature and gardens, was satisfied with the rainfall on this day. Rain is urgently needed for the growth and ecological balance in nature after the dry summer of 2018, he made clear to the children. Trees like the spruce, which was tree of the year two years ago, suffered extremely from the drought and the bark kafer.

A memorial with a past

Following the may devotions in the st.-bartholomaus-chapel the city priest roland neher blessed on tuesday the marter which is located on the lindenplatz in front of the chapel and which has been restored recently.

Signs of popular devotion

like many other religious paintings in franken, this marter was created about 300 years ago at the beginning of the 18th century. The nineteenth century as a pictorial sign of a deep piety of the people. The presumed donor is the farmer hans schardt. According to the findings of the former town archivist heinrich meyer and the records of josef breunlein, the altar was moved twice.
From its original location at the old church and school path near the muhlbach, the monument had to be moved to today’s unterwallenstadter weg in the course of the construction of the werra railroad in 1859, and then moved to its current location in 1963 as part of the village square redevelopment. In 2004, on the initiative of the kapellenerhaltungsverein, the mausoleum received new votive panels by the church painter peter groh, who comes from lichtenfels, since the original metal panels with religious motifs had been lost over the course of time. The meanwhile very faded pictures of the votive panels, which show the patron saint bartholomew, the two diocesan patrons, emperor heinrich and his wife kunigunde, as well as the mother of god mary with the infant jesus, have now been refreshed by the artist.
In addition, the sinuous sandstone column with ionic capital was carefully cleaned so as not to damage the reliefs. Most noticeable is the new paved base with a small planted area. At the suggestion of the honorary chairman josef springer, the mausoleum above the capital was given a gilded cross.

Children show their musical talent in windheim

Children show their musical talent in windheim

50 pupils of the music school frohlich as well as other singing well tuned kids of the children’s choir "rennsteigspatzen gave their families a happy start to the christmas holidays. As a tribute to the great work done by the new generation, the male voice choir of the "edelweib" singing association sang windheim together with the "rennsteigspatze the children’s song "i never wanted to be an adult" by peter maffey.

Impressive start

The start in the arena of the TSV windheim was already impressive with the marching in of the instrumentalists of the melodica orchestra as well as the children’s choir and the jointly sung song "now it’s starting".

Gliding in hetzles: felix wants to really take off

gliding in hetzles: felix wants to really take off

It’s every glider pilot’s dream to fly long distances without a motor. Seven pilots between the ages of 17 and 27 want to learn how to do this during the spring vacations at hetzleser berg: for the first time, the airfield of the erlangen-nurnberg aviation association (FEN) will be the venue for a one-week so-called lima course for aspiring cross-country pilots. "Lima" stands for the initial letter "L in the aviation alphabet, here L for performance gliding course.

Between 19. And 25. May, the seven go to the starting line to be introduced to the art of cross-country flying. They can all fly very well. But to leave the familiar circles of the pitch, to find the optimum climb and eventually not to be able to return to the airfield, but to have to make an outlanding on an open field – for this, quite a few obstacles have to be overcome. These are to be overcome at the training course organized by the bavarian air sports association (LVB) on the hetzleser berg (located between neunkirchen am brand and grafenberg).