Bayern-frust statt wiesn-lust:hoeneb stands by coach kovac

Bayern-frust statt wiesn-lust:hoeneb stands by coach kovac

When toasting with karl-heinz rummenigge, niko kovac only briefly smiled. The trainer couldn’t hide his frustration a bit during the traditional oktoberfest visit of the FC bavaria.

Even the stars found it difficult to look friendly into the cameras at the "krisen-wiesn", dressed in traditional costumes and holding the mug in their hands. The humiliating 0:3 (0:2) against borussia monchengladbach and the fall from the champions league ranks had already caused a powerful hangover before the first prosit. At least kovac was able to enjoy a clear declaration of belief from president uli hoeneb.

Podolski heib – low: switzerland as a small serious case

Podolski heib - low: switzerland as a small serious case

"I think i can draw important lessons from the game for the next two weeks. What works, what doesn’t work? That will certainly be revealed, also because the team physically can’t be at the most dynamic level yet," said low on thursday at the training camp of the german national soccer team in southern france. Lukas podolski feels like a racehorse before the start: "everyone is ready and heib."

Low is determined to get miroslav klose on the pitch in basel, even though the 33-year-old top striker has missed a few training sessions recently after a long injury layoff. "If miro klose’s next two days are normal, which i assume they will be, then he will play," low announced.

Heiko groger to spvgg bayreuth

Heiko groger to spvgg bayreuth

Heiko groger, who works for the bayreuth city administration, led ASV hollfeld from the district league to the state league over the past eight years. And this season, the club from france-switzerland may even make it into the bavarian league. Nevertheless, the ASV functionaries recently declared that they did not want to extend the contract with their coach. A little later they presented mario herrmannsdorfer as new trainer for the next series.
Heiko groger from oberpreuschwitz once moved from the youth team of FC bayreuth to jakobshohe and quickly advanced to the top of the men’s bavarian league as a man defender at spvgg bayreuth. In 1994, he narrowly missed out on promotion to the regional league with the altstadtern after a 4-0 defeat to FC pforzheim in the relegation round.

One year in the 2. Bundesliga

No risk

Location, location, location. The real estate expert knows the first prerequisite for the success of his investment. Talent, ability, the will to work hard, experience and personality are needed to achieve goals in sports. These are the qualities that the heitec volley team, which has been rejuvenated with ten players, wants to offer in order to succeed as a promoted team in the volleyball bundesliga. The eltmanners bring even more to the table: an environment and club life that has grown over decades, loyal fans, and, in rolf werner, a manager who knows exactly what he’s doing.

Several times he and his comrades-in-arms have opposed the possible jump to the 1. League decided. Each time, it seemed too risky to take a step primarily for financial reasons after the 2009 withdrawal. The sponsor pool around the name giver seems to provide now for security. Werner is now joined by wolfgang heyder, a man whose network and sports expertise are considered valuable per se.

Bvb show of strength against maradona’s heirs – s04 win by obligation

Bvb show of strength against maradona's heirs - s04 win by obligation

Heiber tanz am vesuv for borussia dortmund, victory as a duty for the professionals of FC schalke 04 against steaua bukarest. Both german soccer clubs are not lacking in self-confidence ahead of their opening games in the champions league on wednesday:

BVB travels to italy as bundesliga leaders, while schalke enters the match against the romanian champions with a high level of confidence after three compulsory victories in a row. Before the performance in the witch’s cauldron in naples, jurgen klopp lived up to his reputation as a motivational artist. To get his pros in the mood, the dortmund coach reminded them of old, glorious signs – the opponent’s. "The coach reminded us that maradona played here. It is therefore an honor for us to compete in this stadium," enthused midfielder nuri sahin.