Diving into the underworld of the castle

Diving into the underworld of the castle

The secret world beneath the giech’chen castle holds a great fascination for ralf wirth, who is a structural and civil engineer by profession, volunteers his time to look after the market’s archives and is now researching the cellar world of thurnau castle. What the cellar used to serve as? "Due to their coarseness, it can be assumed that they were used as camps. But from my grandfather’s testimonies I also know that the castle cellar used to be used by the people of thurnau as a bunker for protection in case of danger", reports ralf wirth, who hopes to find out more details about the history of the castle in the bavarian state archives.

An "open cellar day?

Findings that the market of thurnau wants to provide in the future to locals as well as guests during tours, because the gewolbekeller is to be opened at the latest for the "schwantastisch" series of events taking place in the summer to be involved in the local. "The drives should be further attractive with it", says mayor dietmar hofmann (SPD/open list), who hopes to convince all owners of cellars in the upper market to organize an "open cellar day" once a year in thurnau to be held.
Read more about the basement tarpaulin in the wednesday edition of the bayerische rundschau.

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