Experiencing democracy: real school students go to the polls

In 2020 the next local elections are coming up, for 2021 the next federal election is announced. Education in democracy and the exercise of the right to vote and stand for election have therefore been very important at the realschule kitzingen in recent weeks, as stated in a press release from the school.

The class 10c had prepared the election of the school representatives and the liaison teachers in the form of a project. On election day, all students went to the ballot box and voted under democratic conditions in a free, equal, secret and direct election for their three school representatives and the two liaison teachers. In the run-up to the election, a one-week presentation of the candidates took place in the auditorium during the breaks. On the day of the election all were informed about their right to vote as well as the voting principles with a short video. They also received input on why there must be representatives in a community and that they are the main feature of a parliamentary democracy. In the polling station, the students were able to get a taste of the real election atmosphere, there were self-built voting booths and ballot boxes, ballots were handed out by the election team and an electoral register provided information about the legitimacy of voting. The SMV election was organized in a social studies project by class 10c under the direction of student councilor maria heinrich. In the meantime, the elected representatives have arrived in office and represent the interests of all students of the secondary school in kitzingen.

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