For the tree of the year, weismain elementary school students lent a helping hand

For the tree of the year, weismain elementary school students lent a helping hand

The planting of the tree of the year almost literally fell in the water. But in the end, the weather gods were kind to an event that was to be held for the 25th time this year. The first time was carried out by the abt knauer elementary school.

Behind the elementary school, along the walking path on the heinrichshohe, the children have been planting the tree of the year for the past 25 years. For the walkers has already formed a small avenue. However, michael strohmer, the district advisor for nature and gardens, was satisfied with the rainfall on this day. Rain is urgently needed for the growth and ecological balance in nature after the dry summer of 2018, he made clear to the children. Trees like the spruce, which was tree of the year two years ago, suffered extremely from the drought and the bark kafer.

The tree of the year 2019 is the seldom won fluttering elm, the expert further stated. Thus, already ulm subspecies have been attacked by a fungus, which has caused species extinction. The fluttering elm often occurs on groundwater soil and brooks, as it is very moisture-loving. In forests it appears less often.

Mayor udo dauer was pleased that the schoolchildren are thus made aware of the importance of trees. They produce oxygen, have been and still are a source of wood, and provide shade and pleasant shade under their canopy in gardens and parks. That’s why it’s good to celebrate a tree day.

The whole thing was framed in the auditorium of the elementary school by the flute players of the 3. And 4. Classes led by ute chapple, who delighted with spring songs.

As the rain had ended, they went back to the chosen planting site. County technical advisor strohmer explained that the flapping elm came from a tree nursery. It is important that the crown is tied together and the root system is enclosed by a lattice network to avoid the danger of damage, which does not suit young trees in particular.

The schoolchildren then lent a helping hand with the planting. After removing the netting, they placed the wattle elm in the dug hole and watered it with water. In the end, the fluttering elm was tied to tree trunks. Tree pruning helps young trees develop strong roots for healthy growth. Newly planted trees need one or more growing seasons before they are firmly anchored in the ground. Roland dietz

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