Frankfurt (28) kicks 3-year-old in the stomach and twitches pocket knife

Frankfurt (28) kicks 3-year-old in the stomach and twitches pocket knife

Crime scene frankfurt am main: in a supermarket it came on saturday du an extreme situation. A 28-year-old man kicked a young boy of three in the stomach because he thought he was in his way.

According to the police, a 53-year-old woman from frankfurt was at the scene of the fire on saturday morning at around 11 a.M..05 o’clock together with her grandson in front of a supermarket in the platenstrabe in frankfurt. There, the suspected run hit the little boy and kicked him in the stomach, according to the police. Thereupon the man ran away immediately. The incident was witnessed by two men (22 and 39). The two of them immediately took up the pursuit of the kicker – and managed to apprehend him as well. The 28-year-old then pulled out a pocket knife and stabbed the two men several times.

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nevertheless, according to the police, the two managed to hold the man off until the police officers were on the scene. The police arrested the 28-year-old – he was later admitted to the psychiatric ward of a hospital.

The three-year-old was brought to a hospital because of the suspicion of a possible schadel brain trauma, as the police announced.

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