Friends gossner and neuner: “becoming a team

friends gossner and neuner: 'becoming a team

“We have become a real team. Lena has helped me a lot this year and supported me a lot,” said miriam gossner. She swarms in the highest tones of her room colleague: “lena is an absolutely positive person, you can only take that as a role model. It just makes fun with her.”

Gossner, once considered a potential successor to niner, has yet to really get going this season. Especially at the sliding stand she fluffed one time after the other. She found support and encouragement from magdalena neuner and the trainers. “It”s just nice when we sit together in the evening. We talk about everything and the nice thing is that it”s almost never about biathlon. We talk about everything from men to clothes and shoes, just typical women”s talk,” gossner reported.

Before the first start at the home world championships on saturday in the sprint, miriam gossner is also relaxed and relaxed. Joking and laughing heartily, the 21-year-old sat on the press podium on thursday. Just like her friend two days earlier, she was an entertainer, chatting from the closet. For example, the american teen series "one tree hill" is currently the favorite in the women"s camp. "There are really sube types. I can only recommend the series to everyone," said miriam gossner with a broad grin.

Until the very end they tried to dissuade record world champion neuner from resigning from the race. But in vain. "Of course i would have liked her to continue. I will be sad when she is gone and miss her very much. But it will go on," the bavarian said.

Meanwhile, the spring-like weather has forced the organizers to act. Before the start of the mixed relay, the entire course was prepared with salt on thursday. Rain and warm temperatures had taken their toll on the course over the past few days. "I hope the course will be good. We have done our best," said norbert baier, head of the competition.

A total of 110 kilograms of salt were spread on the 2.5-kilometer course by 20 helpers starting at noon. "There are now only pretzels without salt in all of ruhpolding," baier said jokingly. The salt has the effect of drawing water out of the artificial snow. "It makes the snow harder," said baier. He hopes that the winter will return soon. "If you use salt more often, eventually the course will be destroyed."

At the same time, the search for the perfect ski is in full swing among biathletes and technicians. "I haven’t found a ski yet where i can say it’s the absolute uberflieger. We are already busy testing and sorting out," said miriam gossner. In the 45. World title bouts on saturday the men’s sprint competition (12.30 o’clock) and the ladies (15.30 p.M.) on the program. On sunday it’s all about the medals in the pursuit (men, 13.15 o’clock/women 16.00 hrs). Thanks to the sprint titles of magdalena neuner and arnd peiffer at the 2011 world championships in khanty-mansiysk, the DSV athletes were each allowed to start with five instead of four participants.

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