Kronach parking deck: monthly pass for 30 euros

Once again, there was a lengthy discussion about the parking deck and its low occupancy rate, as well as about the parking situation in the kronach city area. There were several proposals for better occupancy of the parking deck. Plant manager jochen loffler informed about the advertising acceptance by the city in companies, adult education center, vocational school and other institutions.

Edgar dunst (SPD) suggested to put up a rough sign at the parking deck with the information that you can park for a whole month for 30 euro. Bernd liebhardt (CSU) thinks that such considerations are not bad in principle, but it must be taken into account that one does not act in a way that is detrimental to the economy, after all, the construction of the parking deck with public money was demanded.

The tasks of the municipal utility are varied and complex, explained plant manager jochen loffler. The own business includes the building yard, the adventure pool crana mare, the cemetery administration, energy, parking deck, water supply and drainage.

Best result

The commercial director of the municipal utilities, johannes meitner, informed in the annual report for 2018 that the annual result of 2017 (minus 2.9 million euros) had improved to minus 1.57 million euros. "This is the best result since the foundation of the company on the 14th of march. December 2005", commented meitner.

The balance sheet result in 2018 showed a plus of 1.04 million euros (previous year minus 1.03 million). The balance sheet total increased by about 740000 euro, the income could be increased by 2.05 to 9.67 million euro. Shareholders’ equity was strengthened by 3.4 million euros, liabilities were reduced by approximately one million euros, which significantly improved liquidity.

Commenting on the half-year report, meitner said that as of 30. June the targets according to the economic plan were met or exceeded in some areas in a positive sense, which also applies to the comparison with the previous year. "Such messages are highly gratifying", summarized mayor wolfgang beiergroblein (). The municipal utilities have done an excellent job, but the decisions made by the utilities committee have also contributed to the positive trend, emphasized the head of the city council.

Edgar dunst recalled, however, that not everything was done that was wanted to be done. There is still a great need for road rehabilitation, and he believes this will continue in 2019. However, the mayor was convinced that this will change next year and that a great deal can be done, above all there is more room for maneuver due to the abolition of the trench expansion contribution statute, which until recently still loomed over trench expansion decisions like a sword of damocles.

Record figures not achieved

In the crana mare, the record numbers from the previous year (61,421) could not be achieved in the 2019 open-air bathing season. Despite an outstanding month of june (23,043 visitors), the total of 50,914 bathers was below 2018, but 2019 will be one of the years with the highest number of visitors. In the area of indoor swimming pools there are no noticeable numbers of bathers to register. The previous year’s result of approximately 92,000 bathers (73,000 by the end of october) was repeated in 2019. The mayor is also pinning his hopes on the jufa hotel at rosenberg fortress, which has already ordered over 1,000 tickets.

Bernd liebhardt asked for further advertising for several target groups. The cooperation with the district in a special-purpose association must be accelerated as a matter of priority.

Water hard in friesen

In order to reduce the high hardness of the water in the district of friesen, the city council decided some time ago to mix the water from a deep well in friesen with that from the urban area of kronach. In addition, plant manager loffler gave an overview of the current state of affairs. All the necessary pipelines in the earthworks and in the eaves area from the direction of kronach to the deep well/pump station and to the elevated reservoir have already been laid. The renewal of the plant technology as well as the renewal and reconstruction of the electrotechnical installations are still outstanding. Completion of the acceptance tests is expected for spring 2020. The total cost will be about 160000 euros plus engineering fees, said loffler.

Mayor beiergroblein and bernd liebhardt were pleased to hear this and took it as a starting point for the upcoming castle meeting in friesen. The demand amounts to approximately 45,000 to 55,000 cubic meters of water per year.

At the beginning of december, the new construction of the cycle path from loewe-opta-brucke to ruppen is to be completed and opened for traffic. Five more trees will be planted along the loewe land.

Gateway to the frankenwald

Peter witton (bundnis 90 grune) sees the bike path as a great thing for the city of kronach as a gateway to the frankenwald region. It was noted that the access road from the B 173 was financed by rewe. For this we are very grateful.

Finally, werkleiter loffler informed about two fub/bike paths, one over the hablach in the direction of gundelsdorf and another over the kronach at the so-called bruckners-wehr from the city in the direction of the frankenwaldklinik. A third bridge will be renewed at the beginning of next year at the kleienwehr from the landesgartenschaupark in the direction of neuses.

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