Lause: according to stiftung warentest, only half of all lause remedies are suitable

As a rule, special remedies are used against head lice, for example from pharmacies. But what dead the plague spirits reliable? In a study for the magazine "test," the stiftung warentest found that (issue 9/2018) only half of the louses are convincing:six out of twelve products are considered "suitable" by the testers or "also suitable". The six other products are recommended by the testers only with restrictions or not at all.

The best remedies for lause contain dimeticone

The three best lice remedies contain a synthetic oil called dimeticone, which suffocates the louse: the products "dimet 20", "etopril" and "jacutin pedicul fluid" the testers find "suitable, to fight lause.

Insecticide is also suitable against lause – with restrictions

As "also suitable" the foundation calls two remedies with insecticide. But they had the disadvantage that more and more airs became resistant to the poisons. The third "also suitable agent contains mineralol. The effectiveness has so far only been confirmed in one study. The testers did not find any critical components in the mineral oil product.

Stiftung warentest: effectiveness of some products not sufficiently proven

At the "with restrictions suitable the testers write that the efficacy of the remedies designated is worse than that of the others. For "not very suitable" hold two remedies whose efficacy and contractuality have not been sufficiently proven. Sprays can also irritate the respiratory tract.

Head lice: a problem especially in schools and daycare centers

Head lice spread quickly, especially in daycare centers and schools, because children put their heads together when playing or cuddling. Regardless of the means parents choose to use to combat the disease, they must use them strictly according to the instructions for use. The testers also recommend, irrespective of the manufacturer's recommendation, that the treatment be repeated after eight to ten days. Because the eggs of the louse are not always reliably killed, new lice can slip in.

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