Munnerstadt: now the sports center is in the spotlight

Ideally, in september 2021, not only will the refurbished multipurpose hall be inaugurated, but also a redesigned tribune, gentler pitches and – in the absolute ideal case – a new tartan track. At their meeting on monday, the members of the building and environment committee instructed the administration to explore the possibilities. He deliberately did not want to have it planned by an architectural firm, said mayor michael kastl (CSU). "After all, it’s not witchcraft, he says.

At the meeting of the main and finance committee a week earlier, the city councillors had looked at the hall, and in the process the surrounding area had also been discussed. Because at the moment only the multipurpose hall is being renovated. Although the entrance area to the hall from the sports field was subsequently included, the actual tribune is unaffected by the renovation work. The same applies to the pitches and, above all, the tartan track, which is now very uneven in places. The TSV had originally wanted it to be renovated. Now the hall is being renovated, but not the tartan track.

"It will be a good year before the hall is finished", said the mayor at the meeting. That is a lot of time to tackle the other things as well. He thinks it makes little sense to commission a firm with the planning of the facilities, because this is also associated with costs. "Laying new paving in the eaves area is not witchcraft," said gunter scheuring, he said. He sees it in the same way with the tartan track because after all it is known what the laying of a new tartan track costs. Also the tribune must be prepared.

"The renovation of the tartan track is absolutely necessary for safety reasons", said gunter scheuring (freie wahler), one of the three chairmen of TSV munnerstadt. The long jump facility is still usable, but it should also be looked at, he said. Michael kastl was confident about the outcome. First of all, the administration should be given the task of taking action in this area.

For the pit facilities, the tribune and the tartan track in the new draft for the budget 2020 planning costs have been set, for the redevelopment itself 450 000 euros, but without a time limit. "This will certainly be a topic at the budget meeting on saturday", said michael kastl to our newspaper. There could also be some changes to the time frame. He wanted a renovated sports center to be handed over next year, not just a new multipurpose hall.

He had already made clear statements about the recurring problems with the ownership of the sports center, including the guesthouse and the apartment, during the inspection a week earlier. "It all belongs to the city." everything else is regulated by agreements between the municipality and the TSV. He was very confident that these agreements will also apply in the future.

The building and environment committee also dealt with building applications and advance questions. The application for a preliminary decision on the partial demolition of a barn and the construction of a residential unit in the upper area of reichenbach was approved by the municipality. The municipal politicians also saw no problems with an informal preliminary building application for the construction of a single-family house in kleinwenkheim. The land is located in a part of the flood area of the wannig, but the district office had already informed in 1998 that the undeveloped land is in principle buildable. At that time, the owners had to pay for water and sewage, so now you can not be against a building, he cut it.

In lindenweg 20 in munnerstadt, the owners were allowed to erect a new garden fence, even though it is somewhat higher than the one planned for the building area. The members of the building committee gave the appropriate exemption. Mayor michael kastl pointed out that at least one application has been submitted. Unfortunately, this is not always the case.

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