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Location, location, location. The real estate expert knows the first prerequisite for the success of his investment. Talent, ability, the will to work hard, experience and personality are needed to achieve goals in sports. These are the qualities that the heitec volley team, which has been rejuvenated with ten players, wants to offer in order to succeed as a promoted team in the volleyball bundesliga. The eltmanners bring even more to the table: an environment and club life that has grown over decades, loyal fans, and, in rolf werner, a manager who knows exactly what he’s doing.

Several times he and his comrades-in-arms have opposed the possible jump to the 1. League decided. Each time, it seemed too risky to take a step primarily for financial reasons after the 2009 withdrawal. The sponsor pool around the name giver seems to provide now for security. Werner is now joined by wolfgang heyder, a man whose network and sports expertise are considered valuable per se.

And yet it is also the location that is important for the eltmanners. They came from the georg schafer hall below the wallburg to have success in bamberger brose arena, not least because the bundesliga liked to see their sport in rough halls with the appropriate infrastructure. Now it’s up to the fans to support the eltmann volleyball players in bamberg. There are 25.7 kilometers between the halls by car.

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