North korea reportedly ready for talks with u.s

north korea reportedly ready for talks with u.s

Despite new sanctions, north korean leader kim jong un says he is willing to talk to the u.S. About nuclear conflict.

In a meeting with south korea’s president moon jae in before the closing ceremony of the winter olympics in pyeongchang on sunday, north korea’s general kim yong chol affirmed that his country had "sufficient intentions" to enter into talks with the u.S. This was reported by the spokesman of the prasidial office in seoul, according to the yonhap news agency.

The north korean delegation also conveyed kim jong un’s willingness to continue his acceptance policy and further improve relations, it said. Under what circumstances the conflict over the north korean nuclear weapons and missile program could come to talks between the u.S. And north korea, however, remained unclear. High representatives of both sides stay in sud korea for the conclusion of the winter games.

At the closing ceremony the famous general from north korea was sitting behind the american president’s daughter ivanka trump on the honorary tribune. Her father’s close adviser donald trump sab in first row between sudkorean president’s wife and chinese vice-president liu yandong. Trump daughter avoided contact with former north korean intelligence chief whose reception in south korea sparked protests.

Shortly before, there had been sharp criticism from pjongjang of the new sanctions imposed by the u.S. Any kind of "blockade" will be considered an "act of war," the auben ministry declared. The u.S. "Is running amok to send a new dark cloud of confrontation and war over the korean peninsula". North korea possesses nuclear weapons to deal with threat from U.S.

Trump had imposed unilateral U.S. Sanctions on friday. It called them the "most violent" ever imposed. 55 ships, shipping companies and trading firms have been slapped with sanctions. Trump also threatened an unspecified "phase two" if sanctions don’t work. "Phase two is going to be a very rough ride. That could be very, very unfortunate for the world," trump said. But he does not think that he wants to play this card. "We will see."

China strongly protested against the sanctions, which also target chinese companies and individuals doing business with north korea. Beijing’s foreign ministry spokesman geng shuang criticized the u.S.’S "long arm" for imposing sanctions only on the basis of u.S. Law. He questioned china’s continued cooperation with the U.S. Both countries are veto powers in the UN security council, which imposed joint sanctions after north korea’s repeated missile and nuclear tests.

It was unclear whether the first contact between the two main adversaries would take place in sud korea. U.S. And north korean delegations include senior officials involved in the nuclear conflict. North korean deputy director choe kang il, who is in charge of the ministry of foreign affairs, is involved. On the opposite side the responsible representative of the national security council of the united states, allison hooker, was present. She knows the general from a 2014 visit to pjongjang. The current vice chairman of the central committee of the ruling workers’ party is blamed for a torpedo attack on a sudkorean warship in 2010. 46 sailors were killed.

In the hour-long meeting with the general, south korea’s president said that dialogue between north korea and the u.S. Must be held "at an early stage" to improve inter-korean relations and reach a solution to the nuclear conflict. The north korean delegation had agreed that relations with the U.S. "Must develop along the lines of relations between north korea and south korea, while stressing that they have sufficient intentions to hold a dialogue with the U.S."."

Two weeks ago, kim’s influential sister kim yo jong, on her historic visit for the opening ceremony, had a planned secret meeting with u.S. Vice president mike pence in seoul scrapped at the last minute. She had conveyed an invitation of her brother to moon to pjongjang. Sud korea’s president does not want to play this card as long as there is no dialogue with the USA.

The U.S. Demands that north korea begin negotiations to eliminate its nuclear weapons and missile programs. Voices have long been growing in washington for a limited military strike against north korea. Critics point out that the conflict cannot be resolved militarily and that any military action could immediately escalate to extreme levels with tens of thousands of deaths.

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