Railroad mediation enters extension phase

Railroad mediation enters extension phase

Arbitration in the wage dispute between deutsche bahn and the german locomotive drivers’ union (GDL) enters extension phase.

Initially, the procedure will be continued until 9 a.M. The election will be suspended until february 19. February will be completed, announced the two mediators bodo ramelow and matthias platzeck in berlin.

The mediation, led by thuringian prime minister ramelow (left) and former brandenburg head of government platzeck (SPD), had begun on 11. January started. The trial was scheduled for three weeks. However, the current conciliation agreement provides for the possibility of a one-week extension. With the suspension, additional time has now been gained. It was necessary "in order to establish further bases for continuing the discussion," the arbitrators explained.

The two sides are struggling to reach an agreement on pay and time off for train crews. These are mainly locomotive drivers and train attendants, a total of around 35,000 employees, for whom the GDL has the negotiating mandate alongside the more coarse rail and transport union (EVG).

In the six rounds of negotiations prior to the arbitration, the main point of contention was the question of how rest periods would be regulated in the future. GDL insists on more related days off, as stipulated in collective agreement. Specifically, she asked for two days off for each of her members after five days of work. The railroad rejected this, saying that such a rigid rule could not be implemented in the round-the-clock railroad operations. If the GDL’s demands were met, this would lead to a four-day week with 30 hours per week and full wage compensation, the railroad stated.

The parties and the mediator will not publicly comment on the content of the negotiations before the end of the process, according to ramelow and platzeck. Rudiger grube, the chairman of the railroads, who resigned on monday, was not directly involved in the mediation process. Railroad personnel director ulrich weber leads the negotiations, GDL chairman claus weselsky.

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