Sales hall caught fire in eltingshausen

Sales hall caught fire in eltingshausen

At about 12 noon on 31. October the fire brigade was alerted after a resident reported rising smoke from the building next door to the FC. A few minutes later, the forces were on site. Commander thorsten schlotter led the operation. Auben’s firefighters first damped down the smoke before respirators entered the hall to bring the smoldering fire under control. After the thermal imaging camera did not detect any more embers, the all-clear was given.

Destroyed were all the interior furnishings, including shelves and tables, as well as the wooden ceiling and probably also the metal roofing. Gerhard fischer of the FC board of directors was not yet able to say how much damage was done. On the spot was also the police. The cause is currently suspected to be a technical defect, possibly in the refrigerator, after doors and windows were locked.

FC eltingshausen will conduct further investigations together with the responsible fire insurance company. The club erected the massive building a good ten years ago to be able to serve drinks and food at sporting events.

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