Schutzenverein eintracht with new mode

Schutzenverein eintracht with new mode

The schutzenverein eintracht eggolsheim has for the first time determined its schutzenkonige according to a new modus. Special was this year that the schutzenkonig could also push hung up or with the air pistol.

It was maintained that only a single, covertly fired shot "at the king" had been fired is possible. The divisor of the shot is offset by a factor in order to compare the results across the different categories. This new possibility met with a positive response.

"With the new regulation for the konigsschuss, we put the different categories that can be shot in our schutzenverein on an equal footing. In this way, we will make the sport of pushing attractive to a wider audience in the future", explained thomas kohlmann, deputy guardian and youth leader of the guardian association.

Youth king became julian schulz, which delivered an outstanding king shot with a 32,6-piece. With a score of 190.2, claudia duschl was crowned guardian queen, just ahead of daniela schwarzmann (199.9). When her name was called, the guardian community paid particular attention because the new guardian queen, unlike the previous guardian queens, is not an active member of a team.

The new guardian king, and thus for one year the bearer of the congship, became the second chairman roland stahr with a 162.7 score. He was allowed to ask the new queen to become king. 

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