Success story began 40 years ago

Success story began 40 years ago

In 1978, the then independent municipalities of buchbach, hirschfeld and windheim were merged with steinbach am wald as part of the municipal area reform. Four years earlier, the people of kehlbach joined steinbach. A success story in the north of the district began 40 years ago.

"The past gives us advice for future action." this aphorism has great significance in the municipality of steinbach am wald, opened mayor thomas loffler the ceremony in the rennsteig hall. The honorary burgomasters joachim wiegand, heinz kohler and klaus loffler were just as happy to accept his invitation as the old burgomasters edwin trebes and gerhard neubauer. Loffler praised the energy and achievements of the honorary guests. His thanks also went to the current and former members of the municipal council, as well as to the employees and retirees who had played a major role in shaping the 40-year history of the organization.

Complex situation

In a relaxed round of talks, moderated by stefanie neubauer, the responsible persons looked back on the respective periods of time. Heinz kohler, then district administrator of the district of kronach, makes no bones about the fact that the agreement was a difficult process. The mayor of steinbach, edwin trebes, had also seen the option of a connection with hablach, while buchbach wanted to go to tettau. There, a merger was shied away from because of disagreeable personalities from buchbach. Even radio and television were interested in the complex situation.

But despite all the difficulties, the community has developed excellently. Old burgermeister neubauer (1990-2002) also praised the association. At that time, an intact infrastructure could already be found in windheim. But after the visit of the then government president winkler, it was clear that there was only this way of cooperation. The increase in population after the opening of the border was followed by a steady decline in the population.

The recreational lake in the north of the district, according to kohler, was heinz fehn’s idea after plans in the south had stalled. District administrator klaus loffler spoke of the long breath needed to implement projects such as the three-lane expansion of the B85. This also applies to the network lebensqualitat fur generationen. The idea of reconciling family and work led to the introduction of childcare at the edge of the kindergarten. After being awarded the social prize of the district of upper franconia, and the conceptual discussions with the companies, the way was prepared for a network that would receive nationwide attention and work successfully.

"Risky adventure

The territorial reform was accompanied by an administrative reform, reports hermann jung, the long-serving head of the municipal administration, noting with satisfaction that it was edwin trebes who persuaded him to embark on this risky adventure. The mayors of the time had had to handle many things themselves before the administration was rebuilt with the aim of providing services closer to the burghers.

The middle school in windheim is thanks to the early cooperation with tettau. Here gerhard neubauer recalls the then rector of tettau, alfred neubauer, who unfortunately died too early.

Finally, klaus loffler, mayor at the time of the construction of the racecourse hall and together with joachim wiegand, both rightly honorary citizens of the municipality, looked at the idea of the renovation and modernization of the current leisure and tourism center. Joachim wiegand had wanted to give something back to the people of the region out of gratitude for their loyalty to the company. This is how the hall came into being and the idea of tackling the FTZ was born. The wiegand family did the community "a hell of a lot of good".

Mayor loffler stated that edwin trebes had had the center built with great courage at that time. The development around the center has enhanced the community: "we can all be very proud of ourselves and be grateful for what we have achieved." in his thanks, he emphasized his official conduct. Together, those responsible for the 40-year district reform thanked everyone who had contributed to the success story of steinbach am wald, either in municipal committees or as employees.

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