The buchbrunn crown changes ownership

The buchbrunn crown changes ownership

"Maggie was the billboard of buchbrunn". With these words, hannes kristmann, as chairman of TSV buchbrunn, summed up margarethe fischer’s two-year term of office. Always smiling, she had always spread good humor.

The two wine festivals, including the jubilee wine festival in the previous year as the 20th anniversary of the ovp, certainly remain the high point of the two years in office. Buchbrunn grape wine festival. With margarethe, buchbrunn has become known far beyond its borders. After sabine friederich, elisabeth fischer, marie-sabin haab and katharina geibendorfer, margarethe fischer had also been extremely successful in promoting buchbrunn, according to hofrat walter vierrether.
Margarethe fischer was always present in her parents’ vineyard from childhood on, but at that time she was more interested in the marienkafer who lived there. Only with the years grew the love for the horses and the grapes.

Soon the wish to become buchbrunn’s wine princess germinated. The wish was strengthened even more when her older sister elisabeth promoted the wines from buchbrunn heiben stein from 2006 to 2009. In 2011, the banker’s fondest wish was finally fulfilled, when her official agent katharina i. (geibendorfer) put the crown on her head. With heart and soul, she has since spent two years in office promoting her home and wine village of buchbrunn.

"A time of madness"
moved, margarethe said goodbye with three smiling eyes at the same time: joy about her successor, gratitude to those who supported her for two years and "for an amazing time that she was able to experience with the buchbrunn wine princess crown in the company of her colleagues."

She has made many lasting impressions at trade fairs and festivals such as the goethe wine festival in weimar. In addition to the entire family, the seven geometers had always stood by her side like brothers in arms. The best events, however, were the buchbrunn wine festivals and other local events. "Now I am allowed to participate in the grape wine festival again as a normal guest with helper qualities", she was pleased. She thanked the TSV and its wine festival committee, which not only left the crown to her for two years, but entrusted it to her.

The farewell speech of the outgoing wine sovereign was accompanied by standing ovations and appreciative whistles.

With 19-year-old isabell I. (husam) the wine-growing community of buchbrunn has its sixth wine sovereignty in the meantime. "I wanted to gain many new experiences", isabell husam has set herself the task. "And getting to know a lot of people and just getting around." at last year’s wine festival it was asked by winegrowers and members of the wine festival committee and they agreed.

The 19-year-old is currently completing a voluntary ecological year of driving in the gramschatz forest and then wants to complete an apprenticeship in horticulture and landscape gardening. Intended to be followed by a study of garden architecture.

The crowning ceremony was accompanied by the music group AMP and moderated by dieter deppisch from the wine festival committee. The wine festival committee honored deppisch’s forerunner, klaus may, with a certificate as a noble helper of the buchbrunn wine festival.

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