The zeiler cinema became a concert hall

the zeiler cinema became a concert hall

One could hear it, the cinema. Already at the corner of the upper and lower scheuerngasse in zeil. On friday evening there was obviously no movie, but music in the cinema, the capitol theater. Loud music. Shortly after eight, the beat was the band "rising end to hear. The drummer wesley morton hit the stage with "this is desperation" full into his drums. And that was just the beginning.

The six-piece band "rising end" know each other from school, three of them are already studying and training, three are currently studying for their degree. Once a week they meet to create their own works mostly in alternative hardrock/metal style. They perform about twice a month, "wherever you can play in wurzburg", declared singer sophie barei. From the pub to the wurzburger hafensommer to the umsonst& drauben festival.

They came to zeil because they are organized in the ini wurzburg, one of the six music initiatives in lower franconia. The "bands on tour" project has been going on there for a long time, giving music groups the chance to perform and make themselves known outside their own region as well. And now they made music at the "ear cinema the habberge music initiative in zeil.

The music initiative habberge under the leadership of joshua zettelmeier, achim schwinn, sabine morus and jakob selig organized the "ohrenkino" organized. Twice a year this event is part of the music initiative’s regular program. In addition, the initiative has the goal to challenge regional bands and musicians, to bring them together and to offer them stage and performance possibilities.

Already for the 14th time. For the first time bruno schneyer made his cinema available for this event. "Heavy metal, he said "it’s not really my thing, as far as the style of music is concerned, but to demand the diversity and the exchange of the music creators, is always an important thing."

the second performer of the evening set a counterpoint to rock music. Carsten schonmuller, alias "schoni from zeil offered blues, folk and country with his guitar – all handmade and on his new CD with the title "um die ecke gedacht" recorded.

It went on decibel-strong with the hardrock-band "adrenalize" from kulmbach. They gave everything, what voice, instrument and technology gave and some had gladly exchanged the comfortable cinema armchair with a dance floor.

The concert was closed by the band "texor" from gobmannsdorf. It has been playing together since 1994. "And still the same", said guitarist christian homer. "But if a song is simply good, why do anything else??"

This was also the opinion of many visitors, some of whom had been waiting for this band for nostalgic reasons. For example, thomas amthor (46) from habfurt, who, together with his wife anke, is a repeat visitor to the "ohrenkinos" was and "texor", as he explained "for ages" knows. Likewise, klaus hofmann of the band "fun-goth" recalled, that his mother gave him five marks to buy a "texor"-and admonished him to drink only one cola so that he could sleep afterwards. And then they came one after the other, the beloved "evergreens from pop, punk and rock ‘n’ roll and accompanied the visitors of the 14. "Ear cinemas" as an earwig still far beyond the corner of the upper and lower scheuerngasse.

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