Vanessa gremer from kronacher sk wins u18 title in nordhalben

Vanessa gremer from kronacher sk wins u18 title in nordhalben

18 girls and women in different age groups competed in the upper franconian chess championship. There was a double premiere in nordhalben: for the first time the upper franconian girls’ and women’s championships took place in the club municipality with the FC nordhalben as host. The title matches were also held for the first time under the direction of the chess district’s new women’s chess commissioner, stefanie birke. The participants competed on nine boards in three tournaments for points and placements – and for tickets to the bavarian championship. One of them was won by vanessa gremer from kronacher SK in the u18 junior girls’ competition.

The tournament management was in the hands of stefanie birke and tobias feigel from the schachfreunde bad steben, who completed an association referee course with her last year and agreed to supervise the tournament from the EDP side. He also acted as official second referee on the spot. Furthermore, with the active chess player stefan wunder as former district youth leader, a chess expert with a lot of experience was on board. The tournament in the rooms of the "haus des gastes" therefore also went smoothly.

Nordhalben recommended itself with the organization for further tournaments. The championship takes place once a year and the winners qualify for the bavarian girls and women championships.

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