When the frankenhalle in dettelbach mutates into a biker mecca

When the frankenhalle in dettelbach mutates into a biker mecca

The concept of eberhard herrmann from schwabisch hall seems to be simple: he invites motorcycle dealers from the region to present themselves to a large audience at a convenient time before the motorcycle season – and the dealers gratefully accept the invitation. For in front of 9000 visitors as this year at the 15. Being present at the wheelies motorcycle show and being able to cultivate customer contacts is an opportunity that seldom comes along. The dettelbacher frankenhalle mutated into a biker mecca for two days on the weekend and the hearts of the bikers beat higher.

Even though eberhard herrmann is not so good at fub at the moment after a leg injury, he will not stop organizing his wheelies fair every year in dettelbach and crailsheim. "I will continue my measurements and my motorcycle trips for another 20 years, health permitting", said the 66-year-old with a wink. He is a specialist for rough and adventurous biker tours in sardinia, corsica, mexico and the USA. Whether the route 66, the rocky mountains and the grand canyon as well as other picture book landscapes, the schwabisch haller travels with his riders.

The harley as master in the ring

He is more comfortable in dettelbach, when all the preparatory work is done and the hall is open. In the exhibition hall the bikers' hearts beat faster with brand new models from all well-known manufacturers. Local suppliers such as hmf-motorrader from wurzburg, motorrad ebert from hochberg or honda-perschall from volkach were in the spotlight with their bikes. A ninja-kawasaki, a super-fast suzuki or a tourer like a BMW were lined up in rows.

Depending on their interests, visitors from different age groups crowded the stands, but at times the rush was concentrated. Because when a harley-davidson was started and its sound flooded the frankenhalle, then it became acoustically clear who among the manufacturers is the master in the ring.

Schraglagentraining attracted to drauben

This year, the supporting program in the open air was provided by roman kollner and maria merget from the ADAC northern bavaria driving safety center in schlusselfeld. They performed an oblique training. This revealed that a trained biker can safely take a banked turn of up to 43 degrees, even though humans would normally not dare to take a turn with a bank of more than 20 degrees. "That's important for emergencies when you run out of turns", explained roman kollner and referred to the thousands of motorcycle accidents every year, of which about one third are single-vehicle accidents. That is, self-inflicted accidents by bikers without the involvement of others.

Riding instructor and wheelie trainer uli strenger from ellhofen near heilbronn demonstrated how a biker can perform a strong braking maneuver in an oblique position and come to a safe stop thanks to motorcycle ABS. He received applause from the audience for this as well as for his wheelies only on the rear wheel.

The bikers could not only get their fill of the many machines, but at the stands there were many other equipment items such as biker suits, leather jackets, helmets or polishing agents. The wheelies platform was also used by the volkach motorcyclists' meeting (VMT), where every biker is welcome and many activities are offered.

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