“Young beats” convince with advent flair

The instruments are tuned one last time until everything is just right. Then it can start, the christmas concert of "young beats" in the peace church in bad bruckenau. Together with their singing and instrumental teacher christian hirschler, the young talents have prepared a colorful program. Like every year, a journey through the current charts awaits the visitors, because the young people choose the songs they present themselves.

Xenia heidelmeier confidently leads the audience through the evening. First of all she announces some solo singers, who impressively demonstrate their skills. The youngsters perform their favorite songs, from "pink" to until "linkin park everything is there.

Also xenia herself has her rough appearance with the song "I dreamed A dream" by claude-michel schonberg.
Then it’s the turn of the duets. Sini leitner and charlotte kunkel are excited. They both have to go on stage with their older brothers. But the two girls know from experience that as soon as the first note is sung, the excitement fades and it’s just fun.

Proud parents, proud teachers
during the break the young singers are hugged by their proud parents. "They did a great job again", regina hahn praises enthusiastically. Their son yannick has been with them for a year. He has "how to love sung by lil wayne – and the mother was at least as nervous as yannick himself before the performance.

Suvi leitner’s children are also part of "young beats. She especially liked the relaxed atmosphere of the concert in the festively decorated church. The sale of mulled wine and cakes, which was organized by some dedicated parents, also spreads a christmas atmosphere. Thanks to these and other volunteers, the "young beats" project is now a reality can largely finance itself.

The proceeds from sales at the five or so concerts given each year, along with donations, ensure that band rehearsals do not incur additional costs for the young people’s families.

Bands rock the church
after the break, other tones move into the church. The bands play, and that can be loud. For the first time, hirschler has also included younger students in the program who do not yet play in a regular band. "I just wanted them to experience the atmosphere of the concert." although the kids are on stage for the first time, they succeed with "true colors" by cyndi lauper, to produce goose bumps in some listeners.

"Sixtimesno has already a little more experience, the band has been rehearsing together for a year and is now presenting the result of their mooing. With success. The young people really put the audience in the right mood. The members of "the tube are the old hares from "young beats". With santa claus masks on their heads they even let bob marley’s "no woman no cry" go by christmas effect. Among them is also dominik muller. "The stagediving after the concert is always the best", jokes the 17-year-old.

Of course, hirschler himself is particularly proud, as he can observe the progress of his proteges throughout the year. "The concert went very well", hirschler is pleased. "All the students presented themselves above average."

At the end it became still so correctly christmasy. All together sang "oh du frohliche" from full throats. And it’s fitting, since the traditional christmas concert fell on st. Nicholas’ day.

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